High-Volume Pressure Sealers
You need a document sealer than can keep up with industrial level workflows. High volume pressure sealers maximize speed and efficiency to work with your in line system, or as a stand alone machine. Fold and seal 15,000 pages in an hour, or more with these machines! Pressure sealing doesn't get any faster, nor easier than this.

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  1. Formax FD 2036 AutoSeal High-Volume Tabletop Pressure Sealer

    • Color touchscreen control panel
    • Speed: Up to 11,000/hour
    • Processes up to 14" forms
    • Uneven "Z" and "C" folds
    Part #: FD2036


  2. Paitec MX11500 Desktop High-Volume Pressure Sealer

    • Form Size: Depth - Up to 14"/ Width - Up to 9"
    • Input Tray: Auto-lift Elevator Feed Table Holds 700 28# Forms
    • Speed: Variable Speed Up To 12,000 Forms Per Hour
    • Fold Setting: Easy Manual Slide Bars Set In Seconds
    Part #: MX11500


  3. Formax AutoSeal FD 2054 High-Volume Pressure Sealer

    • LCD Control Panel: Large, 2.8" LCD screen with user-friendly controls
    • Variable Speed Control: Up to 16,450 pieces per hour
    • Pre-Programmed for 5 popular folds: Irregular "C" and "Z" fold, letter "C" fold and single half fold in 11" & 17" with a total of 11 programmed fold settings
    • 17" Form Length Capability: Flexibility to process forms up to 17" in length
    Part #: FD2054


  4. Paitec MX13000 High-Volume Desktop Pressure Sealer and Folder (Formely MX8000)

    • Adjustable Speed
    • Heavy Duty Cycle
    • Reverse (RFR) Friction Roller
    • Four-roller Sealing Unit
    Part #: PMX13000


  5. Paitec IM11500 In-line Pressure Sealer

    • Integrates With a Variety of Printers
    • Duty Cycle: 200,000 Forms Per Month
    • Includes Vertical Stacker, Cabinet, and Stand
    • Can Be Converted to Standalone Use
    Part #: IM11500


  6. Formax AutoSeal FD 2200-10 Stand-Alone High-Volume Pressure Sealer

    • Stand-Alone Sealing System: Specifically designed for use with various high-production floor model folders
    • Heavy Duty Construction: Designed for high-volume production environments such as direct mail and fulfillment centers
    • Pressure Rollers: High-production precision ground clutching four-roller system
    • Fault Detection: Infrared sensor located at the infeed of the sealer detects any faults and sends signal to stop the upstream folder it's connected to
    Part #: FD2200-10


  7. Paitec MX17000 Heavy Duty Desktop Pressure Sealer and Folder

    • Form Size: Depth - Up to 14"/ Width - Up to 9"
    • Input Tray: Up to 1,400 Pressure Seal Forms
    • Speed: Up to 17,000 Per Hour
    • Fold Setting: Quick Set Manual
    Part #: MX17000


  8. Paitec IM17100 High Volume Inline Pressure Sealer

    • Form Size: 11" Or 14" Length. Feeds On 8 1/2" Side
    • ability to integrate with a variety of high volume printers
    • Fold Types: Z, EZ, V, C, Custom
    • Can also be used as an offline stand-alone use with a 1,400 sheet table capacity
    Part #: IM17100


  9. Formax AutoSeal FD 2300 Series Production Pressure Sealers

    • Process up to 43,000 forms per hour
    • Program up to 200 custom jobs
    • Color touch screen with graphics-based input
    • Four in-feed options include pile feed, extended air feed and in-line with the FD 676 Burster
    Part #: FD 2300


9 Items

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