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Standard Horizon is one of North America's leading manufacturers of document finishing and digital duplicating equipment.
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Based in Andover MA, Standard Horizon is one of North America's leading manufacturers of document finishing and digital duplicating equipment. Standard Duplicating Machine Corporation offers paper cutters, folding machines, joggers, scoring equipment, booklet makers, collators and numbering equipment. These products are designed to help eliminate time-consuming tasks and help create the highest quality finished documents, reports and printed products. Take a look at the products above and give us a call or chat with us if you have any questions.

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  1. Standard PF-P3100 Dial-A-Fold Desktop Paper Folder

    • Simplicity and Performance: The PF-P3100's innovative LED assisted manual set-up makes selecting between six preset standard folds and four common paper sizes fast and easy.
    • Selecting A Fold: The PF-P3100 offers six standard folds: letter, z-fold, gate, half, engineering, and double parallel for each of the four preset paper sizes.
    • Preset Fold Formats: Letter Fold, Half Fold, Double Parallel Fold, Engineering Fold, Z-Fold, Gate Fold
    • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
    Part #: PF-P3100


  2. Standard Horizon PF-P3200 Automated Paper Folder

    • Automatic Setup with Simple Operation.
    • High-speed Folding - 240 sheets/min.
    • Short Make-ready.
    • Selective Speed Mode for Comfortable Operation.
    Part #: PF-P3200


  3. Standard PC-P430 Electric 17" Desktop Paper Cutter

    • Cut Length: 17"
    • Cut Type: Stack
    • Cut Capacity: 250 Sheets
    • Paper Clamp: Yes
    Part #: PC-P430


  4. Standard Horizon BQ-P60 Table-Top Perfect Binder

    • Easy operation: The display Indicator lamps on the operating panel guide you through the simple operating steps
    • High productivity: 180 books/hour
    • Professional binding quality: A cover is glued to the book spine and then clamped to create an attractive finished appearance
    • Flexible binding styles: Choose from three different binding styles -- Binding with cover, Binding with tape, or Pad binding
    Part #: BQ-P60


  5. Standard APC-450 17.7" Programmable Electric Paper Cutter

    • Cutting Width: Max. 450 mm / 17.7"
    • Cutting Height Max.: 60 mm / 2.36"
    • Clamp System and Pressure: Auto 10 kN (1,000 kgf)
    • Cutting Speed: 9 seconds per cycle (50 Hz) / 8 seconds per cycle (60 Hz)
    Part #: APC-450


  6. Standard PC-640 25" Electric Paper Cutter

    • Cutting Width: Max. 640mm / 25.19"
    • Cutting Height Max.: 70mm / 2.75"
    • Cutting Depth Max.: 640mm / 25.19"/ Min. 20mm / 0.79"
    • Clamp System and Pressure: Manual / Max. About 10 kN (1,000 kgf)
    Part #: PC-640


  7. Standard APC-610 24" Programmable Hydraulic Paper Cutter

    • Cutting Width: Max - 610 mm / 24.0"
    • Cutting Height: 100 mm / 3.93" (95 mm / 3.74" using the support plate)
    • Clamp System: Hydraulic Powered 50 to 20 kN (500 to 2,000 kgf)
    • Cutting Speed: 3.8 seconds per cycle
    Part #: APC-610


  8. Standard PC-450 Semi Automatic 17.5" Electric Paper Cutter

    • Cutting Witdh: 17.5"
    • Cutting Depth: Minimum: .79" and Maximum: 17.7"
    • Cut Capacity: 500 Sheets
    • Cutting Height: 2.75"
    Part #: PC-450


  9. Standard PF-40L Auto Suction Feed Tabletop Folder with Stand

    • Quick and Easy Setup.
    • Simple Operation Panel.
    • High Performance Suction Rotor Feeding.
    • High Capacity Feeder.
    Part #: PF-40L-MT-40L


  10. Standard BQ-160 Perfect Binding Machine

    • Easy Operation: Unlike other perfect binders, the BQ-160 requires little adjustment. A simple switch allows the operator to immediately select one of three binding modes
    • Precision Engineering: The superior design of the BQ-160 for the cut sheet market lets the operator produce big machine quality without the complication, noise and residual paper dust of bigger perfect binders.
    • Optimum Performance: Another unique feature of the BQ-160, commonly found on more expensive binders, is its dynamic nipper table which automatically senses and adjusts to the size of the book.
    • Simple Operator Controls: With no complicated adjustments, the BQ-160's userfriendly design couldn't be easier.
    Part #: BQ-160


  11. Standard PF-P330 Desktop Air Feed Automatic Set Up Paper Folder

    • Simple Operation: The operator can quickly select from four standard preset sheet sizes and six popular fold patterns all with push button simplicity.
    • Revolutionary Paper Feed System: At the heart of the PF-P330 is a patented rotary vacuum-pulse feed system that delivers extraordinary paper feed reliability. Importantly, it simplifies operation by virtually eliminating feed adjustments.
    • Preset Fold Formats: Letter Fold, Half Fold, Double Parallel Fold, Engineering Fold, Z-Fold, Gate Fold
    • Programmable Memory Function: There are ten programmable memory settings for custom folds. The preset counter can be set to stop at a specific batch quantity with the 10-digit keypad.
    Part #: PF-P330


  12. Standard Horizon BQ-160 PUR Single-Clamp Perfect Binder

    • Suitable to produce personalized photo book production such as wedding albums and travel albums.
    • Perfect binding, tape binding and lining binding (for case binding) can be performed.
    • Up to 40mm thickness of book can be produced.
    • Optional CRB-160 impact creaser can be on-line to prepare creased (up to 8 line) cover.
    Part #: BQ-160PUR


  13. Standard EasyCrease Pro 14" Electric Channel Creaser

    • Simple Operation: EasyCreasePro has a clearly marked indicator scale for accurate positioning of each crease.
    • High Quality Results: To help assure optimal results on virtually any paper stock the operator can select between either of two precision channel-creasing thickness modes.
    • Convenient Paper Stops: The efficient rotary design Speed-Stops allow for quick changeover and simplify jobs that call for multiple creases.
    • Convenient Foot Pedal Operation: Electric foot pedal operation increases ease and productivity.
    Part #: EASYCREASE14


13 Items

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