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Item# 04CBCUBE
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The Coverbind Accel Cube Automatic Thermal Binding Machine is equipped with the enhanced Drop&Go Technology that makes it two times faster than the previous generation, 45x faster than punch and bind, and 30x faster than tape binding. The Accel Cube can load up to 4 documents at one time and can bind one document every second. Plus, it has a binding capacity of up to 150 sheets of 20lb paper. This thermal binding machine also features additional upgrades including increased quality and strength of the bound documents as well as its improved appearance. The Accel Cube is the perfect binding solution for office/corporate walk-up print stations, as well as volume demanding CRD or commercial print environments. Make your own professionally-bound documents with Coverbind Accel Cube Automatic Thermal Binding Machine.

Product Details

  • Bind one document every second.
  • Up to 45 times faster than traditional methods.
  • Greater strength and quality for your documents.
  • Offline, automated thermal binding.
  • Features additional upgrades including increased quality and strength of the bound documents as well as improved appearance of the machine
  • 90 Day Manufacturer's Warranty

Item Specifications

  • Document Size: 8.5" x 11" - portrait bound orientation
  • System Capacity: From 1 to 150 sheets of 20 lb. paper.
  • Processing Speed: Load up to 4 documents at one time. Bind one document every second. Performance is subject to user environment.
  • Warm-Up Speed: Almost instant with FastStart Technology.
  • Document Spine Widths: 1/16" to 5/8"
  • Machine Dimensions: L 19" x W 20" x H 15"
  • Machine Weight: 60 lbs
  • Power Supply: 115V, 50/60Hz
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 90 Days
  • Old Part Number: 28170
  • New Part Number: 04CBCUBE

Demonstration Video

Coverbind Accel CUBE Video

Transcript: Accel Cube

Step 1
Insert a set of paper to be bound into the automatic cover size selector.
The display will show the cover size to use.

Step 2
Place document pages in a coverbind cover, with the correct spine size, and align.

Step 3
Feed documents one at a time…or in batches.
Simply Drop&Go.
It’s that easy.

Drop & Go Technology
No more wasting time at the machine.
The cube signals when binding is complete.

Twice as fast as the previous generation
Better strength and quality for your documents

Easy to use
2x faster than the previous generation
Greater strength and ...

Staff Review

Coverbind Cube Review

Thermal binding machines are great for those mid-level businesses or print shops that need to produce high-quality, adhesive-bound books. Coverbind is a well-trusted office equipment manufacturer that’s been in business for 30+ years. They’ve released a robust line of thermal binding machines that are suited for any business, school, or print shop, from small to high-volume users.


The Coverbind Cube is a small but powerful thermal binder machine that increases project production speeds. For customers that bind daily or weekly, the Coverbind Cube is the ideal mid-level thermal binding machine. It's great for mid-size companies, schools, or print shops that bind up to 5,000 books yearly (500 books a month, or around 125 a week). It's great for projects like yearbooks, catalogs, proposals, real estate marketing, photography albums, and more. Everybody in your office can use the Coverbind Cube without advanced training or experience; it is that simple. Because running expenses are so minimal, you can use it to bind both small and large batches of books.

The Coverbind Cube is a thermal binder with automatic capabilities that speeds up the process and lets you step away while it works. You can create up to 45 books with the Cube in the time it takes to create only one wire-bound book. Let me repeat that… you can make books 45 TIMES FASTER than traditional punch-and-bind systems. It carries your pages through the binding process and provides continuous loading for larger tasks; with the Drop & Go technology, all you have to do is put your pages into a cover, slip the cover into the cube, and walk away.

The Coverbind Cube can create soft covers with a transparent front, soft covers with a window, plain hardcovers, and hardcovers with a window. This flexibility is a significant advantage over other machines that only let you create one style. You can create high-end hardcovers for your VIP clientele while sticking with the simpler soft cover design for internal documents. The covers are fully editable and printable instantly in your office. This Coverbind Cube will not only impress customers but also the people who use it.


The only downside to the Coverbind Cube is if your projects are bigger than 150 sheets or thicker than 5/8". Larger books can be bound with the big brother machine, the Coverbind Ultra Plus. Besides this sheet limit, the only other consideration would be the price. You might wonder if the price makes it a downside, but it ends up paying for itself with time. The speed is one thing, but with the extra time you have while the machine binds by itself, you'll save money on labor with increased productivity.


The Coverbind Cube Thermal Binding Machine is a great choice for mid-size businesses, print shops, or schools that need to bind their books thermally. Of course, its versatility allows you to swap between premium hardcovers or softcovers, depending on the occasion. Anyone can use it without worrying about exhaustive and repetitive punching, inserting, and binding. You only have to drop and go!

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