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How do I choose between a bulletin board or tack board?

posted this on Jul 10, 2015

In the age of the Internet and high-tech office machinery, the humble bulletin board is still a must-have for office communication. Just about every office on the planet has one (or needs one) because, let’s face it, as nice as e-mail and cell phones are, sometimes you need a good old-fashioned way to get your ideas and other pertinent information out to people. If you’re looking for a new bulletin board, the ones made by Quartet are some of the best available. We’ve compiled a list of Quartet’s good, better, and best bulletin boards. Whether you need a basic, inexpensive board to hang in your lunchroom or something fancier to complement your reception area or boardroom, there’s a Quartet bulletin board that’s perfect for your workplace.

Good: Quartet Standard Cork Bulletin Boards

If you just need a simple bulletin board for your break room or other common area, Quartet’s entry-level bulletin boards will do the trick nicely. The cork in these boards is durable and self-healing (so you get great value for your money), and each Quartet Black Fabric Bulletin Board board is available in different frames including aluminum, oak, and plastic. Also, these boards are easy to install (hardware is included) and come in many different sizes.

Better: Non-Magnetic Quartet Prestige Fabric, Embossed Foam, and Colored Cork Bulletin Boards

The next step up in Quartet’s line of bulletin boards is a non magnetic covered or colored board. These boards are good for meeting rooms, offices, or anywhere else that demands a high-quality, stylish board. The woven fabric boards are ideal for any workspace that needs a durable board in a fashionable color such as burgundy, blue, or gray. Meanwhile, the embossed foam and colored cork boards command attention and are built to last. All of these bulletin boards are backed by high-density fiberboard to retain pins; plus, they’re self-healing and fade-resistant, so they’ll look good for a long time to come. And just like the Quartet’s standard bulletin boards, they’re easy to install, so you can begin using your new bulletin board in no time at all. Finally these boards come in a variety of different frames (mahogany, aluminum, maple). With Quartet’s Prestige bulletin boards, you really can have it all.

Best: Quartet Prestige Plus Magnetic Fabric Bulletin Boards

If you’re looking for the ultimate bulletin board, stop looking – you’ve found it. Designed with executive offices and conference rooms in mind, Quartet’s top-of-the-line Prestige Plus Magnetic Fabric Bulletin Board has dual functionality. It allows you to post items with either pushpins or magnets. Quick Clips are also included, so you have an additional way of tacking things to your bulletin board. This product is constructed for heavy use and will definitely be in it for the long haul, thanks to a self-healing surface and fiberboard backing. Finally, each bulletin board is available in either an aluminum or mahogany frame to complement your workplace’s decor.

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