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How To Use A Guillotine Paper Cutter?

posted this on Mar 21, 2016

There are a lot of paper cutting tools available ranging from scissors to electric stack cutters. If you find yourself needing to give your documents and projects a clean edge, a guillotine paper cutter is what you should use. These trimmers are easy to use but you need to be careful when utilizing a trimmer so you don’t injure yourself. Here’s everything you need to know about using a guillotine paper cutter properly:

First off, if you don’t already have a guillotine cutter, now is the time to look for one. There are plenty of them on the market so finding the right one shouldn’t be a problem. Be sure to look for one that can easily accommodate your paper to make your job easier. The cutter needs to have good safety features such as a blade latch and finger guard. Using a guillotine cutter can be dangerous, so make sure to get one that will help you stay safe.

Now that you have your cutter, it’s time to learn how to use it. Let’s get started:

  • Count the number of sheets you need to cut and then determine if your cutter will be able to handle all of them. Each trimmer has a cutting capacity and you need to pay attention to it. Trying to cut too many sheets at once can dull the blade over time. Cutting too many sheets at one time will give your paper rough edges as well. If you need to cut more than your cutter can handle at once, separate the sheets into piles to make the job easier.
  • Now you can place your paper on the cutter’s base. The base most likely has a measurement grid and/or a cutting guide on it. Take advantage of these features if you need to measure your paper or if you’re trying to do a special cut, such as an angled one. If your cutter has a paper clamp, make sure to use it because it will keep your materials in place during cutting.
  • You are now ready to begin cutting your paper. Bring the blade down slowly and make sure that your hands are out of the way so you don’t accidentally cut yourself. After your paper has been cut, recycle any scraps and be sure to use the blade latch to secure the blade. This will prevent it from going up and/or crashing down, an easy way to insure you won’t be injured while using your cutter.
  • Repeat this process whenever you need to use your guillotine cutter. Make sure that you exercise caution and use your cutter’s safety features so you don’t end up hurting yourself.

Using a guillotine paper cutter is pretty easy, although you may have to experiment a bit before you get the results you want. The most important things to remember is to respect your trimmer’s cutting capacity and to stay safe by exercising caution and taking advantage of the available safety features. That way, you’ll be able to cut your paper without any issues.


Here is the transcript of this video: Welcome to MyBinding How To videos. Today we answer the question how to use a guillotine paper cutter. Classic guillotine-style paper cutters hold a long tradition in working great. They're precise, easy to use, they last a long time, but they can be a little dangerous. Here's how to use them effectively and safely. First off, it's crucial with this style of paper trimmer to know and use the safety lock. When you're not trimming paper, please lock the blade. Some locks are as simple as a lever, some are built into the handle of the blade, requiring a different motion to release it from the lock. Either way, before you begin, learn how to use it. Paper cutters are going to have built-in measuring tools, some better than others. This one is a ruler across the top and a grid on the face. This one has all kinds of shapes and angles and sizes and different measuring tools. Adjustable fences usually have locks. Lock them down so that all of your cuts are consistent throughout your whole project. Whatever is at your disposal, use it; you'll be thankful in the project outcome. Scrap paper, very important. Make your first cuts on scrap paper to make sure you're doing exactly what you need. After some time, you'll become very familiar with your guillotine-style paper cutter and you'll be able to use it with great ease, great quickness, and great accuracy. Guillotine-style paper cutters are an office standard. Shop around, make a great investment. That's it, that's how to use a guillotine paper cutter. For more demos and how to's, check out MyBinding.com.

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