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Are there different thicknesses available for laminating pouches?

posted this on Jul 8, 2015

If you need to protect important documents, the best way to do so is by using a pouch laminator. These machines can be used to laminate a wide variety of items such as menus, business cards, signs, artwork, and ID cards. Operating one of these laminators is easy and you really only need laminating pouches to get the job done. Choosing the right laminating pouch is essential. This article will fill you in on everything you need to know about laminating pouch thickness.

Laminating pouches are available in five different thicknesses which are discussed below. It’s important to note that pouch thickness is measured in mils and a mil is equivalent to 0.001 of 10MIL Laminating Pouchesan inch. Laminating pouch thickness indicates how thick one side of the pouch is. Thus, a 10 mil pouch would actually be 20 mil thick, not 10. Also, keep in mind that not every laminator can accept all pouches. Consult the machine’s instruction manual if you’re not sure what pouches you can use. That said, here are the 5 most common pouch thicknesses:

  1. 1.5 mil. These are the thinnest pouches available and they’re usually the cheapest so they’re good for people sticking to a budget. Unfortunately, most laminators won’t work with them. Plus, they offer only a minimal amount of protection, so you’re probably better off with thicker pouches.
  2. 3 mil. 3 mil pouches are very popular and are often used to laminate large documents. They provide a decent amount of protection and flexibility  Many laminators can handle these pouches although they’re a bit too thin for really small items such as business cards.
  3. 5 mil. These pouches are the middle-of-the-road supplies and they’re good for both small and large documents. They provide a medium amount of protection and can make any item look great. 5 mil pouches are also pretty affordable and can be used with most pouch laminators.
  4. 7 mil. If you want your documents to be fairly rigid, use 7 mil pouches. These supplies will give your documents a terrific amount of protection and they’re especially good for smaller items like name tags and ID badges.
  5. 10 mil. 10 mil pouches are the thickest ones available. As you might imagine, they offer excellent protection so your documents will be able to withstand frequent handling. Be sure to use these supplies if document protection is important to you.
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