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What do the terms under paper handling equipment mean?

posted this on Jul 23, 2015

If you’ve ever seen the term “paper handling equipment” you’ve probably wondered what it meant. Paper handling equipment consists of a lot of different devices that are used to prepare and finish off documents. This category includes cutting tools (such as rotary trimmers), booklet makers,  and letter openers. Here’s some information about some of the items that are grouped together under this term so you can determine if there might be something that’s right for you and your document finishing needs.

  • Cutting tools. This term includes a number of different devices such as guillotine cutters, rotary trimmers, and electric cutters. These tools are good for cutting straight lines so you can prepare your paper for future use. Rotary trimmers are Martin Yale CL6 6-Station Collatortypically good for smaller amounts of paper and laminated items, while guillotine and stack cutters are best for larger quantities.
  • Letter openers. As you can tell from the name, these machines are pretty straightforward: they can open your mail for you. Letter openers can be small and handheld which is great for light, personal use. They can also be large and fast so busy mailrooms can take advantage of them. These machines make processing mail a lot easier than it used to be.
  • Booklet makers. These are unique devices that can fold and staple booklets which helps free up the operator for other projects. A lot of the machines that are on the market have adjustable stapling heads to help you get a strong binding for your work. Some of the devices can also just fold the paper which can be helpful if you’re preparing documents for mailing. (There are also machines that just fold paper. They’re called folders, as you may have expected.)
  • Paper drillsOne task that can be particularly time-consuming is punching holes in paper so it can be used in binders, file folders, and so on. Drills can be used instead of standard three- or two-hole punches if you need to process a large amount of paper at once. Most of the time, these machines come with adjustable spindles so you can produce different hole patterns with just one device.
  • Collators. Organizing your documents can be taxing and time-consuming, but a collator can help you get the job done quickly. One of these devices will group and sort your materials for you so you don’t have to do it by hand. (This will also help prevent those painful paper cuts from happening.) Collators are available in different sizes to fit the needs of different types of work environments.
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