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How do I bind a document using Spiral-O Wire?

posted this on Jul 6, 2015

Spiral-O wire binding supplies are designed for a very specific set of applications. Users of Spiralo wire binding usually fall into one of two categories. Some users have an older Ibico comb binding machine with a wire closer built in. These machines were designed for use with Ibiwire (Ibico Wire) which has now been discontinued. However, Ibiwire has been replaced by Spiral-O wire binding spines. The second group of users for Spiral-O wire binding includes companies that own a heavy duty comb binding punch, a wire closer but not a wire binding machine. In either case, this article is designed to provide a simple step by step guide to binding document with Spiral-o wire. Here they are: 

  1. The first step to binding documents using SpiralO wire is to prepare your document. If you are going to use paper or plastic binding covers, you should assemble your books with the covers in place. You will often find that your punch will be more effective if you punch the covers as part of the book instead of by themselves (if you are using oversize covers you will need to punch them by themselves since they are not the same size as the pages from your document). After you have assembled your document, you need to measure your book so that you can choose the correct size of wire for your presentation. In order to choose the correct size of spiral-o just measure the thickness of the document (do not compress the pages) and add 1/8” to allow your pages to move freely. Spiral-o binding spines are available in sizes from 1/4” and 1” in diameter.
  2. The second step to binding documents with 19-loop wire is to set up your binding machine. Since you will be using your comb binding punch you will simply need to set up your punch just like you are punching a document for comb binding. You will need to adjust the edge of paper guide to properly center the 19 holes on your paper. You will also need to set the depth of punch margin control to the middle setting and disengage any necessary pins so the holes do not run off the edge of your pages.
  3. Now that your document is ready and your machine is set up, you are finally ready to punch your document. For the best results, you are going to want to punch your document in small sections or lifts. Depending on your binding machine these lifts might be as small as just a few pages or as large as thirty to forty pages. Either way, you are going to want to punch your documents in small sections and reassemble your documents so that they are ready for the next step.
  4. Finally, you are ready to finish the binding process and add the wire to the edge of your book. Depending on which binding machine you are using, there may or may not be a wire holder. If there is a wire holder, you will want to hang the wire on the wire holder than then hang the pages onto the wire. If your machine does not have a wire holder, you will need to carefully insert the binding spine through the holes in the book by hand. When the c-shaped spiral-o wire is inserted onto the edge of the book you then need to insert it into your wire closer (making sure that the wire closer is set to the appropriate size) and then pull the handle to squeeze the wire shut.
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