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What Pitch do I need for Wire Binding?

posted this on Aug 25, 2015

Twin loop wire has two different pitch options: 2:1 and 3:1.  In the article conveniently titled: “What Does Pitch Mean?” we describe in full detail what pitch means. For a quick reminder: the pitch refers to the number of holes per inch. If you have a machine already, but don’t know what size it binds then count the number of holes. If it punches 21 holes--you need 2:1 wire. If it punches 32 holes--you need 3:1 wire. So, 3:1 means that for every inch there are 3 holes along the edge of your punched page. Since the holes of 3:1 are closer together, this limits how large the wire can effectively be. This size difference is our deciding factor for what pitch size to choose. Take a look at the size differences along with the number of pages supported:



Minimum Size: 3/16” (~10 pages)

Maximum Size: 9/16” (120 pages)



Minimum Size: ¼” (~15 pages)

Maximum Size: 1 ½” (300 pages)


As you can see, 2:1 wire has the most versatility in page count. However, the three to one pitch produces a more elegant look and feel that is preferred by many organizations.  If you need to bind larger documents you will need to select a 2:1 pitch machine or you may want to consider a combination machine that does both pitches. Most organizations really only bind smaller documents and proposals and thus a 3:1 wire machine is a great choice.  It will also provide a slightly stronger bind since it has more holes and more wire loops. The only limitation is the maximum document thickness.


Our Recommendation?

Go with a 3:1 pitch machine.  It provides a more elegant look for smaller sized documents and a stronger bind.  If you need to bind larger books then go with 2:1 because they can bind both small and large diameter wires.  Or choose both and grab a 2 in 1 machine like the Wiremac Duo.


Key Points:


  1. Looks nicer.
  2. Holds a tad better.
  3. Size limitations (120 max pages).


  1. 300 max pages.
  2. Machines BIND 3:1 wire as well.


Recommended products and other links:

Akiles 2:1 Binding Machine: https://www.mybinding.com/akiles-wiremac-21-manual-combo-double-loop-wire-binding-machine.html

Twin Loop Wire: https://www.mybinding.com/binding/binding-supplies/twin-loop-wire.html

Prepunched Paper: https://www.mybinding.com/binding/binding-supplies/prepunched-paper.html

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