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What should I know about ZipBind?

Jeff McRitchie posted this on Jul 2, 2015

If you already have a comb binding machine or are considering purchasing one, you probably should know about GBC ZipBind. GBC ZipBind is a new type of binding strip designed by GBC to work in conjunction with your existing comb binding machine. These fashionable strips are designed to be recloseable so that documents, presentations and proposals can be edited on the fly. Plus, GBC ZipBind does not require an additional machine (other than your regular Comb Binding Machine) so it is a very reasonable alternative for giving your documents a different look and feel. Here is a quick list of five things you should know about GBC ZipBind: 

  • One of the best things about GBC ZipBind is that it works with the hole pattern that is punched by a plastic comb binding machine. Documents punched for use with GBC Zipbind will have 19 rectangular holes along their 11 inch edge. Currently, Zipbind is only available in 11” lengths. However, some users have discovered that ZipBind spines can be cut down to shorter lengths using a sharp pair of scissors.
  • GBC ZipBind binding spines are specifically designed to be Recloseable. In fact, using the unique ZipBind zipper tool that is included in every pack of ZipBind Binding supplies binding has never been easier. Simply zip the spine of your document closed and then zip it open again. It only takes seconds.
  • GBC ZipBind spines are currently only available in two sizes and two colors. GBC Zipbind spines are available in your choice of Black or Frost (a translucent clear spine). The two sizes available are 3/8” for documents up to 55 sheets and 1/2” for documents up to 85 sheets thick. Documents larger than this would need to be bound with traditional Comb Binding.
  • A huge assortment of prepunched binding supplies are available for use with the GBC ZipBind binding style. In fact, it is possible to bind documents with GBC ZipBind and not even have a binding machine. Look for prepunched Comb Binding / Zip Binding Paper and prepunched ZipBind Binding Covers. Just make sure that the prepunched supplies that you purchase are punched with the 19 hole pattern used by Comb Binding and ZipBind.
  • One of the main complaints that I hear from users about Plastic Comb Binding is that the books don’t allow for 360 degree rotation (you can take the page from the front and put it on the back). The wide back design of plastic combs doesn’t allow for this type of rotation. However, ZipBind binding supplies do not have this wide back and do allow for 360 degree rotation. This is a nice feature that is overlooked by many when considering GBC ZipBind.
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