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Morgana DigiBook 450 PUR Automatic Perfect Binding Machine

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Item# DigiBook-450
Key Features


This machine is only available for delivery to our customers in Oregon, Washington & Utah. This product requires installation and training. Please contact us for a quote before purchasing.

The Morgana DigiBook 450 is a higher productivity model perfect binding binder that is ideally suited to litho and digital printers who require short to medium runs of PUR perfect bound books. It has the same innovative glue application and cleaning system as the DigiBook 150 and 200, with the PUR glue being applied on the book spine and on the sides by independent glue slots. The amount of PUR glue is determined by the height of the applicator and the pressure applied giving complete control and allowing any kind of book to be bound with maximum ease.

The DigiBook 450 can bind up to 450 books per hour, with 4.7" up to 17.71" spine length, 0.07" to 1.96" spine thickness, and 4.7" - 16.5" book height. The DigiBook 450 is easy to use and operated via a touch screen panel with icon graphics that allow the programming of all precision operations in just a few seconds. There are a thousand alphanumeric memories available, which enable repeat jobs to be saved for later recall, thus providing totally automatic set up.

Another key feature of the 450 model is the sophisticated milling and notching tools which gives the optimum spine preparation of the book block to interact with the PUR glue. Additionally, the DigiBook 450 has a completely retractable milling system allowing for the production of sewn book sections. The nipping press is a pneumatic system with adjustable lateral pressing force. Pressing time is also adjustable from the panel with a range from 0 to 30 seconds. The press height varies from 0 to 0.05" for optimal squaring of the spine and quality of glue application. It comes as standard with an automatic cover feeder to give increased production. The cover feeder can also be equipped with an optional scoring attachment which will eliminate the need to pre-crease covers. In addition to the automatic cover feeder, the DigiBook 450 is also equipped with an automatic book delivery and stacking section to maintain output speeds and reduce handling of the bound books.

Looking for high production automatic perfect binding machine? Look no further than the Morgana DigiBook 450 PUR Automatic Perfect Binding Machine.

This product requires installation and training. Please contact us for a quote before purchasing.

Product Details

  • 450 books per hour.
  • Touch screen operation complete with automatic format change.
  • Pneumatic opening and closing of clamp.
  • Binding length (spine) from 4.72" up to 17.71".
  • Spine thickness from 0.07" to 1.96".
  • Spine preparation by sophisticated milling device.
  • Automatic cleaning and sealing of the glue head.
  • Retractable milling.
  • Patented hermetically sealed PUR application system for spine and side gluing with automatic glue cut-off.
  • Unique angled worksurface.
  • Automatic cover feeder.
  • Automatic delivery and stacking of finished books.

Item Specifications

  • Mechancical Speeds (books/hour): 450
  • Number of clamps: 1
  • Touch screen: Yes
  • Book length, max/min: 17.71"/ 4.7"
  • Height of book, max/min: 16.5 /4.72"
  • Milling width: 0.118"
  • Book/spine thickness: 0.07" - 1.96"
  • Cover dimension max: 27.60" x 17.71"
  • Cover dimension min: 9.52" x 4.72"
  • Maximum cover weight: 400gsm
  • PUR glue tank capacity: Up to 6lb.6oz
  • Actual Machine Weight : 1884.95
  • Shipping Length : 112.99
  • Shipping Width: 65.75
  • Shipping Height: 65.35
  • Shipping (Web) Weight: 2546.34 lbs
  • Power requirement: 16amp, 3 phase, + E + N, 400v 50/60hz
  • Compressed air required: minimum 7 bar/maximum 9 bar
  • Options (must be specified at the time of order):
    • Additional hot melt glue tank
    • Automatic thickness measurement with direct input to the binder PLC
    • Gauze station for book block production
    • Cover scoring attachment
    • Ultrasonic double detection for cover feeder
  • Note: the production speed varies according to material size

Demonstration Video

Morgana DigiBook 450 PUR Automatic Perfect Binding Machine Demo

Transcript: The Morgana Digibook 450 PUR Perfect Binder is a single clamp machine that can bind up to 450 books per hour using PUR glues making it ideal for printers who require medium to long runs of PUR bound books to a high professional standard. PUR is the strongest and most flexible binding adhesive on the market today and gives a super-strong bind with all weights and finishes of stock. Even when inks, coatings, or digital toners are present in the binding area. PUR also works well with synthetic and recycled content stock. Fast and easy setup is controlled by a touch screen with icon-based graphics ...

What is PUR?

PUR is the strongest, most flexible binding adhesive available and offers several additional advantages over other binding adhesives. When inks, coatings or digital print toners are present in the spine area these can compromise the strength of typical hotmelt perfect binding. PUR is resistant to this and will form a super-strong bond with all weights and finishes of paper stocks. In addition PUR works well with synthetic and recycled-content stock.