Formax Pressure Sealers
The Formax Pressure Sealers can make your company's day-to-day operations run smoothly. Perfect for any business or organization that requires an automated system to process forms in an efficient and cost-effective way, these pressure sealers are available here on MyBinding at a great price. Choose from the various types we carry, whether you need a high volume system with a heavy duty construction or a more compact machine for your office, we have them all and more in between! Do you have any questions about these products? Call us or sends us an email and we'll answer them quickly!

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  1. Formax AutoSeal FD 1202 Low-Volume Pressure Sealer

    • Drop-In Feed System: A drop-in top feed system produces dependable feeding of forms with no paper fanning required
    • Compact Desktop Design: The user-friendly design provides easy installation and operation
    • 14" Form Length Capability: Flexibility to process forms up to 14" in length
    • Fold Types: Folds Z, C, Uneven Z, Uneven C, Half and custom folds
    Part #: FD-1202


  2. Formax AutoSeal FD 1406 Low-Volume Pressure Sealer

    • Color touchscreen control panel
    • Speed: Up to 73 pieces/min
    • Processes up to 14" forms
    • Easy-adjust pre-marked fold plates
    Part #: FD1406


  3. Formax AutoSeal FD 1506 Mid-Volume Pressure Sealer

    • Color touchscreen control
    • Processes up to 14" forms
    • Easy-adjust pre-marked fold plates
    • Speed: Up to 100 pieces/min
    Part #: FD1506


  4. Formax AutoSeal FD-2006 Mid-Volume Pressure Sealer

    • Color touchscreen control panel
    • Speed: Up to 8,000/hour
    • Sliding fold plate design
    • Processes up to 14" forms
    Part #: FD2006


  5. Formax AutoSeal FD 1506 Plus Mid-Volume Pressure Sealer with Integrated Output Conveyor

    • Hopper Capacity: Up to 200 forms 20# (90gsm)
    • Fixed Speed: Up to 6,250 forms per hour
    • Paper Size: Up to 8.5" W x 14" L (216 W x 356 L mm)
    • Fold Types: Z, C, Uneven Z, Uneven C, Half, Custom folds
    Part #: FD-1506-Plus


  6. Formax AutoSeal FD 2056 Tabletop High-Volume Pressure Sealer

    • Speed: Up to 16,450 forms per hour – based on 11" (279mm) Z-Fold
    • Hopper Capacity: Up to 500 forms 20#
    • Pre-Set Folds: Pre-programmed for C, V, Z in 11 - 17" forms, uneven C and Z 14" forms
    • Pre-Set Paper Sizes: FD Model: 11", 14", 17" / FE Model: A5, A4, A3, B6, B5, B4
    Part #: FD-2056


  7. Formax FD 2036 AutoSeal High-Volume Tabletop Pressure Sealer

    • Color touchscreen control panel
    • Speed: Up to 11,000/hour
    • Processes up to 14" forms
    • Uneven "Z" and "C" folds
    Part #: FD2036


  8. Formax AutoSeal FD 2006IL Print-Fold-Seal In-Line System

    • Print, fold, seal in-line
    • Enclosed paper path
    • Processes up to 14" forms
    • Color touchscreen control panel
    Part #: FD2006IL


  9. Formax AutoSeal FD 2300 Series Production Pressure Sealers

    • Process up to 43,000 forms per hour
    • Program up to 200 custom jobs
    • Color touch screen with graphics-based input
    • Four in-feed options include pile feed, extended air feed and in-line with the FD 676 Burster
    Part #: FD 2300


  10. Formax AutoSeal FD 2096 Mid-Volume Production Pressure Sealer

    • Hopper Capacity: Up to 350 sheets 24#
    • Variable Speed: Up to 30,000 forms per hour
    • Usage: Mid-Volume Production
    • Paper Size: Up to 12" wide, up to 17" long
    Part #: FD-2096


  11. Formax FD 2000-20 Cabinet for All Desktop Sealers

    • Cabinet for All Formax Desktop Sealers
    • Ergonomically Designed
    • With conveyor w/key lock, shelf, casters 30"H x 20"D x 34"W
    • Moveable Storage
    Part #: FD 2000-20


  12. Formax AutoSeal FD 2200-10 Stand-Alone High-Volume Pressure Sealer

    • Stand-Alone Sealing System: Specifically designed for use with various high-production floor model folders
    • Heavy Duty Construction: Designed for high-volume production environments such as direct mail and fulfillment centers
    • Pressure Rollers: High-production precision ground clutching four-roller system
    • Fault Detection: Infrared sensor located at the infeed of the sealer detects any faults and sends signal to stop the upstream folder it's connected to
    Part #: FD2200-10


  13. Formax V-Stack36 Vertical Stacker

    • Compatible with FD 2054, FD 2094/2084, 2200 Series AutoSeal, and FD 382, FD 38X Folders. Contact your Account Executive for additional machine compatibility.
    • Neatly stacks up to 22 inches of folded documents.
    • Photo eye activation.
    • LED indicates when stacker is near full capacity.
    Part #: VStack36


13 Items

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