Keencut SteelTrak 98" Vertical Substrate Cutter - ST250
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Keencut SteelTrak 98" Vertical Substrate Cutter - ST250

Part #: 60383
Brand: Keencut
  • Heavy-duty construction to withstand tough use in a production environment
  • Quick payback through reduced waste and cutting time
  • All tools fitted and instantly selectable
  • Max Cut Length: 98"
  • 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Oversize / Truck shipping


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Product Description

The Foster Keencut SteelTrack vertical substrate cutter is designed specifically with the sign, print shop, and graphics industry in mind. Capable of cutting even the thickest of materials - up to 5mm Dibond, PVC, Glass, Acrylic, and much more, the Foster Keencut SteelTrak cutter is perfect for businesses with heavy duty cutting needs. Equipped with a 3 blade cutting head to easily cut a wide range of materials all on the same line, plenty of cutting options, material securing mechanisms, and more all backed by Foster's 5 year general warranty, the Foster Keencut SteelTrack vertical cutter is easily one of the most reliable and versatile cutters available today. Check out all of the features below and save on the Foster Keencut SteelTrack vertical material cutter today with This product is currently only available to our customers in the United States of America. If you are located internationally, you will need to contact a local dealer to purchase this particular product.

Product Details

  • Heavy-duty construction to withstand tough use in a production environment
  • Quick payback through reduced waste and cutting time
  • All tools fitted and instantly selectable
  • Guaranteed for 5 years
  • Materials Cut:
    • Rigid Materials
      • Aluminium composite panel e.g Dibond ≤ 4mm (1/8″)
      • Steel composite panel e.g Multishield ≤ 3mm (3/32″)
      • V-grooves Dibond ≤ 3mm (3/32″) with optional SteelTrak v-groover
      • MDF ≤ 3mm (3/32″)
      • Cast acrylic / Plexiglas (scoring only) ≤ 3mm (3/32″)
      • Glass ≤ 6mm (1/4″) with optional glass cutting kit (Product code: STGLC)
    • Semi-rigid Materials
      • PVC foamboard ≤ 13mm (1/2″)
      • Corrugated/fluted plastic ≤ 13mm (1/2″)
      • Corrugated cardboard ≤ 13mm (1/2″)
      • Foam centred board ≤ 13mm (1/2″)
      • Mountboard ≤ 6mm (1/4″)
      • Aluminium sheet ≤ 1mm (1/25″) with optional cutting head ( Product code: STALC)

Perfect cut every time

To ensure precision accuracy, the SteelTrak’s unique pressure-sensitive clamp can be first applied lightly to allow for fine adjustments, before the pressure is increased for a firm hold. The clamp is designed to protect delicate boards and printed surfaces. The sightline strip helps you achieve exact alignment and all the blades cut along the same line.

Cut steel and aluminium composite safely and accurately

The newly developed SteelTrak C2 composite cutting head will cut steel composite panel, e.g Multishield and aluminium composite panel, e.g DiBond, in a single pass without creating dangerous sparks or dust. The new cutting head significantly reduces any curvature on the cut material to facilitate successful flat-bed printing and minimise waste. There is no need for extra edge finishing, so productivity is increased, and safety guaranteed.

Note: The SteelTrak is now supplied with the new SteelTrak C2 composite cutting head as standard. Existing SteelTrak users can purchase an upgrade from their Keencut dealer.

Saves time and money

In a high production environment, repeatable accurate cutting reduces waste and increases productivity. A pair of left and right-hand production stops and a precise squaring arm allows users to quickly cut boards to a specific measurement. Scoring and cutting blades are permanently mounted for instant use and cut along the same line. With the SteelTrak, there is no need for additional tools or finishing products.

Cut and finish large sheet materials in one pass

For those who need to cut larger sheet materials, the ST250 is the perfect choice. It will cut and finish 2.4m x 1.2m (8’ x 4’) sheet materials in one pass. Both the ST210 and the ST250 are fitted with an extendable arm to allow easy reach to the top of the machine.

Space saving and silent

The upright structure and wall mounting feature saves workshop space. The design uses your body weight to minimise the effort needed to cut tough materials. There is no noise and no need for electric power and the upright design and the low friction bearing system combined together reduces user fatigue.

Sign trays and much more

With the addition of the optional V-groove tool, the SteelTrak creates perfect sign trays, self-standing displays, boxes and exhibition stands. The V-groove tool fits directly onto the SteelTrak cutting head and is ready for action in seconds.

Five year guarantee

By manufacturing in-house, with only the highest quality materials, Keencut can guarantee that the SteelTrak will provide reliable long-lasting and accurate service. All Keencut products are offered with a comprehensive five year guarantee. Register your product to activate your guarantee

In the box

100 medium duty utility blades
Twin wheel cutter
Spare sightline strip

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Item Specifications

  • Cut Length cm ("): 250 cm (98")
  • A cm ("): 326 cm (128")
  • B cm ("): 222 cm (87")
  • Wall Mounted – Standard – C: 75-78 cm (29 – 30”)
  • Free Standing – Optional – C: 123 cm (48”)
  • Packed Weight: 110 kg (243 lbs)
  • Packed Dimensions cm ("):
    • Box 1: 328 x 27 x 36cm (130" x 11" x 14")
    • Box 2: 264 x 17 x 16cm (104" x 7" x 6")
  • Old Part Number: 60383
  • New Part Number: ST250

Demonstration Video

Keencut Steeltrak Substrate Cutter Demo Video

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Accessories, Blades & Consumables

Product NameItem Number
Squaring arm extension - 700mm (27.5") for SteelTrakSTSAE
Yellow 'T' shape silicon cord (x 33ft)SILYT
Tungsten Carbide Glass Cutting Wheel (each)CA50-015
Medium Duty Blades (Box of 100)CA50-019
V-Groove Replacement Blade for SteelTrak (x 5)STVGB
Aluminium twin wheel cutter blade set for SteelTrakSTALW
Composite twin wheel cutter blade set for SteelTrakSTCOW
Superior Quality Blades (box of 100)CA50-010

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