Rhin-O-Tuff HD7700 Ultima Heavy Duty Electric Punch
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Rhin-O-Tuff HD7700 Ultima Heavy Duty Electric Punch

Part #: 04HD7700EP
Brand: Rhin-O-Tuff
  • Punching Method: Electric
  • Punching Format: Vertical
  • Max Punch Capacity: 55 Sheets of 20 lb. paper
  • Max Binding Edge: 14"
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Product Description

The Rhin-O-Tuff HD7700 Ultima Heavy Duty Electric Punch is an exceptional tabletop punch that has no equal. The patented Quick Change Die System has all of the features you have come to expect from Rhin-O-Tuff, making this a Performance Design Punch that will handle any size project, large or small. Binding machines can be added to your vertical HD7700 system. The HD4470 for plastic comb binding, EWC 8370 , HD8370, HD8000 for wire binding or the HD4170 for plastic coil binding. Optional Mounting Brackets allow it to be securely attached or use the binding units freestanding to create separate punch and bind stations.

Product Details

  • The Patented Auto Reverse Feature triggers an auto reversing function to reduce jamming in the punch when an overload detected.
  • 14" (356mm) open ended extra capacity die.
  • U-View waste tray holds up to 150% more waste than any other tabletop punch and eliminates troublesome overfills.
  • New Diagnostic Display Lights give indications of important machine conditions.
  • Rated up to 55 sheets or 110 pages of 20 pound (80gsm) paper. The number of sheets depends on the paper weight and punch pattern used.
  • An automatic and manual reverse feature which provides extra insurance to reduce costly downtime & expensive service calls due to overload jams.
  • 25 cycles per minute.
  • Punch up to 5 plastic Mylar sheets regardless of hole pattern (depending on Mylar mil thickness).
  • Patented "QCDS", Quick Change Die System.
  • All punch pins easily disengage.
  • "Accu-Set" paper adjustment knob for fine adjustments on odd paper sizes.
  • Smooth, Quiet, Power on Demand Operation.
  • Choose the Standard Foot Pedal and Palm Switch or the optional Versa Switch.
  • The HD7700 has more than 20 interchangeable dies available with 12 standard hole patterns. Including: Comb, Wire-O® Twin Loop, Plastic Coil, GBC VeloBind, and 3 Hole Loose Leaf. (Each die is priced separately).
  • Extremely durable all metal construction.
  • Extra high capacity Waste Chip Tray with Clear View Access. No sensors needed.
  • CE approvals.
  • 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Item Specifications

  • Punching Method: Electric
  • Punching Format: Vertical
  • Max Punch Capacity: 55 Sheets of 20 lb. paper
  • Max Binding Edge: 14"
  • Disengageable Dies: Yes
  • Operation: Foot Pedal or Palm Switch
  • Dimensions: 21" W x 22.5" D x 8.5" H
  • Shipping Weight: 103 lbs.(46.3 kgs)

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Rhin-O-Tuff HD7700 Ultima Binding Punch Review

Are you looking for a high-quality binding punch that can utilize interchangeable die sets? If so, you’ll want to check out the Rhin-O-Tuff HD7700 Ultima. Here’s a rundown of its strengths and weaknesses.


  • The HD7700 Ultima’s primary strengths are its phenomenal punching capacities. It’s possible to punch anywhere from 40 to 55 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper per lift. These are some of the highest punching capacities you could ever hope to find. The punching capacity may vary a bit depending on which die set you use. For example, when using the three-hole set, you can do 55 sheets at once while the coil set will probably be able to punch 40 sheets. You’ll just have to try it for yourself to see which die sheets can punch the most.
  • This machine has a vertical punching mechanism. Vertical punching makes it more likely that your pages will be punched perfectly so you won’t waste time and paper.
  • As alluded to before, the HD7700 Ultima has interchangeable die sets that can be used to punch different hole patterns for various types of binding. The sets available can be used for plastic comb, color coil, wire, and other types of binding. (There’s even a three-hole set.) Each machine comes with one die set of your choice. The die sets are easy to exchange and can be pretty much slid in and out of the device. No extra tools are needed so that makes the process even easier.
  • This machine has a 14-inch punching throat. It’s large enough for legal-sized paper (8.5 x 14”) and other sizes of documents. Throats of this size aren’t particularly common, so it’s a great feature to have. The dies in each set can be disengaged so you can punch the right number of holes depending on the size of your document.
  • The HD7700 Ultima’s chip tray can hold up to 150% more than typical trays. It even has a window so you can see when it’s getting full. And there are also diagnostic lights to keep you abreast of the machine’s functions. Finally, there’s a reverse mode just in cast the paper gets jammed and a foot pedal you can use if you want to keep your hands free.
  • This device has a one-year warranty and features extremely durable construction. All of the parts are made out of metal, so you may find that you don’t need the warranty at all even if you use the machine frequently.


  • While the HD7700 Ultima would be great for binderies and industrial environments, its intimidating appearance might not be appropriate for some office settings.
  • This is a very large device that measures 8.5” (height) x 21” (width) x 22.5” (length). It’s also heavy, tipping the scales at 103 pounds. So you’ll want to make sure there’s enough room in your work area for it.
  • If you want to work with more than one binding method, you’ll need to purchase additional die sets.

The Rhin-O-Tuff HD7700 Ultima has a lot more strengths than weaknesses and is really one of the best die punches on the market. It’s great that it can produce so many different hole patterns and that the die sets are easy to change out. (However, keep in mind they’re are sold separately.) The punching capacities are terrific and you’ll be able to work with different sizes of documents. So long as the device’s appearance and size aren’t a big deal, you should check out the HD7700 Ultima today.

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