Dahle Model 558S 51" Professional LF Rolling Trimmer with Stand
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Dahle Model 558S 51" Professional LF Rolling Trimmer with Stand

Part #: DAH558S
Brand: Dahle
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  • Cut Length: 51"
  • Cut Type: Rotary
  • Cut Capacity: 12 Sheets
  • Paper Clamp: Yes
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Product Description

Dahle now offers a line of large format rolling trimmers designed for performance and accuracy. This 558S Professional LF Rolling Trimmer with Stand offers a cutting capacity of up to 12 sheets. These commercial grade trimmers feature a self sharpening blade and automatic clamping system to securely hold your work in place. A metal stand with paper catch offers a stable and secure mounting solution for the trimmer. This stand also maximizes floor space while providing an optimal and comfortable height for trimming. This trimmer is the perfect solution for cutting oversize paper, large format images, and press sheets.

Product Details

  • Ground steel blade is encased in a protective housing for safety
  • Cuts up to 12 sheets of paper at a time
  • Bidirectional blade is self-sharpening and maintains a perfectly honed edge
  • German engineered for precision and accuracy
  • Automatic paper clamp holds work securely
  • Sturdy metal base with preprinted guides
  • Includes stand to provide optimal height for trimming and maximize floor space

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Item Specifications

  • Cut Length: 51"
  • Sheet Capacity: 12 Sheets
    • Actual Machine Dimensions (L x W x H): 58.875" x 14.125" x 37.25"
    • Actual Machine Weight: 99 lb
    • Shipping Length: 62"
    • Shipping Length: 20"
    • Shipping Height: 20"
    • Shipping (Web) Weight: 120 lb
  • Weight: 120 lbs.
  • Warranty:
    • Lifetime warranty against defects in manufacturing.
    • Materials and assembly (excludes cutting blades and clamp).
  • Part Number: DAH558S

Staff Review

Dahle Professional Large-Format Rolling Trimmers Review

Rotary trimmers are great tools that can produce precise clean cuts on all of your documents, no matter what their size. You can even cut really large items with these tools. One product that does just that is the Dahle Professional Large-Format Rolling Trimmer. There are two sizes of this trimmer available and both of them feature great construction and a first-rate warranty. So here’s an in-depth look at both the advantages and disadvantages of these trimmers.


  • There are two models in this series and each one of them has a different cutting capacity and length. The 556 can cut up to 14 sheets of paper and it has a cutting length of 37.5 inches. The other model, the 558, can cut 12 sheets that are up to 51 inches in length.
  • These cutters are great for a wide variety of cutting needs. Since they are so large, you can trim a lot of larger documents with them such as posters, press sheets, and so on. These tools can also be used to trim photographic paper and laminated items.
  • Both of these units are large and while they will take up a fair amount of space, they can be wall-mounted for your convenience. Also, you can purchase a floor stand (also made by Dahle) if you prefer. A floor stand is a great item to have because it has a waste tray that will catch your scraps as you work.
  • These trimmers are made to last thanks to their sturdy bases (made entirely of metal) and the superb steel blade that’s been placed in a plastic case for your protection. Each trimmer’s base has both standard and metric measurement units on it, as well as a protractor. (A protractor can help you if you need to make an angled cut and not a straight one.) As for the blade, it is self-sharpening and will cut in two directions (up and down). The blade is sharp enough to give your documents a perfect cut even after the trimmer has been used a lot. Each unit also has a paper clamp.
  • Both of these products have a lifetime warranty that covers everything except the paper clamp and blade.


  • As previously noted, these cutters are pretty big and will take up a fair amount of room. This could cause a problem if you don’t have much free space in your work area.
  • If you do need to purchase a floor stand for your trimmer, it will cost you more money. The stands for these cutters will cost you several hundred more dollars, so be aware of that. It is a good idea to buy the stand at the same time as you buy the cutting unit. Shipping the stand can be quite expensive if you purchase it separately.
  • These products only come in one color: bright, electric blue. While the color of these products might not bother some people, chances are some individuals won’t be too thrilled with Dahle’s color choice.
  • A cutting capacity of 12-14 sheets is okay but not great. If you need to cut more than that, a Dahle large-format guillotine cutter would be a better choice.

Although Dahle professional large-format rolling trimmers are expensive, they’re really high-quality products that will make the trimming of large documents an easier task. So if you need a large-format cutter, you should really consider these products.

If you’re interested in buying a Dahle Professional Large-Format Trimmer, you should really visit MyBinding.com. They have these products as well as some great Guillotine Paper Cutters, and they’re all available at low prices. Plus, they offer free shipping on all orders over $75.00. Check it out for yourself today!

Dahle Rolling Trimmers

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Thank you for your question. For Dahle trimmers the measurements on the guide at the top edge are in both inches and metric measurements. All of the markings on the table/deck of the their trimmers will be in metric.

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4 years and 6 months ago ago

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